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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Safedecor, we are extremely committed to the environment. Not only is the plywood and laminate industry as a whole totally dependent on a healthy environment, but we also believe in and practice giving back to nature to the best of our ability.

While ensuring that we provide consumers with products that are as close to perfection as possible, we also focus on adopting the utmost environmentally responsible practices to manufacture our products. Our manufacturing processes ensure that there is minimal wastage, and we quickly adopt both better technology and eco-friendly practices that help to harmonize our balance of productivity and environmental impact.

Currently our prime mandate is to systematically monitor environment impact on the entire value chain, reduce our carbon footprints, incorporate clean technologies and also bring innovation into product design by building environmental considerations.

Safedécor was honoured with ‘A Garden of 365 Trees’ at the periphery of Kumbhalgarh sanctuary in Udaipur, Rajasthan because of our continuous effort towards reducing our carbon footprint. We want to ensure that we will always be producing products that will not only be as close to perfection but also a product that is low on carbon footprint and environmentally friendly.